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Meet the Photographer

Jerome Hamilton is a self-taught photographer with over twenty years experience in nearly every aspect of the field, specializing in commercial, fine art, and stock photography.  He creates in both color and black and white, in whatever format is needed: 35mm, 6cm x 7cm – medium, or 4” x 5” and 8” x 10” – large.  Owner and operator of Studio Time Photography & Rental, he has access to all the equipment and props necessary to create his magic.

The young entrepreneur goes by the motto, “I don’t take pictures...I create images.”  Just ask some of the largest businesses in our thriving industry here in Las Vegas.  Drive down The Strip and you’ll see Mr. Hamilton’s billboard advertising a delectable steak and shrimp dinner for IHOP, inside the Howard Johnson’s Hotel and Casino.  Stroll through the MGM Grand and you’ll come across a picture of mouthwatering southwestern dishes for Mark Miller’s Coyote Café.  Pick up a copy of Nevada’s Tourism Guide and Mr. Hamilton will show you there’s more to Las Vegas than casinos with his exciting depiction of his sports enthusiast friend jet skiing hard and fast through the waters at Lake Mead.  The crew at Wynn Development and Design, busy constructing the new Le Reve, took off their hard hats long enough to say “Cheese!” into the flashing lens of the surefooted cameraman.

What does the professional photographic community think of Jerome Hamilton?  In 1999, local magazine Las Vegas Weekly awarded Mr. Hamilton the front cover when he won the contest for an image that best depicted “Heat.”  The shadowy figure of a female hopelessly chained yet desperately trying to escape the dry, cracked turf of the Las Vegas desert while the sun beat down mercilessly was enough to make viewers wipe the phantom beads of sweat from their brows.  Nevada Magazine featured the young go-getter when he borrowed a friend’s little girl and captured an image of her standing at the doorway of a train, wrapped in an oversized sundress, gazing into the distance, pondering a future of uncertain possibilities.  A simple sheet, a compliant model, perfect lighting and a consummate photographer created “The Sheik,” aka Portrait of the Year, in the internationally renowned journal Photographic Society of America (PSA).  The year 2002 presented Mr. Hamilton with a Second Place honor in Popular Photography in the category for Fashion and Glamour Photography.  The full page winning portrait of Esther, the 2001 cover bikini model for Ujena Swimwear, was shot in Cancun during a break while waiting out the rain.  It’s no surprise that a search for the household name “Jerome Hamilton” on the Internet will bring up images in the most respected professional publications.

Busy.  Between giving seminars, judging photography contests, presenting slide shows, holding workshops, being involved in Nevada Camera Club as Programs Director and Past-President, and everyday shoots for weddings, portfolios, events, and personal pleasure, he also presents workshops for annual PSA conventions and travels to exotic locations to shoot for Ujena Swimwear. Dismissing sleep as an activity for humans, he’s also writing two books entitled Figure and Form and Dance, Vision, and StyleFigure and Form consists of individuals chosen for their incredible beauty and/or unique poses photographed in ways as to induce emotion from the viewer.  Images are meticulously reviewed, and the darkroom process is specifically selected to create the greatest impact.  Dance, Vision, and Style focuses on motion, rather than emotion, to affect the sense of mood.  Both books are works in progress, and models or ideas are always welcome for consideration by e-mail

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A self-described workaholic, this visual artist reflects, “Photography is fascinating.  I’m constantly amazed at the beauty I see in mundane objects through the lens.  And if need be, I can tweak any image in the darkroom or on the computer to create the exact impact I’m looking for, whether it’s infrared, color-processed, or a Polaroid transfer…whatever will make the viewer’s pupils dilate.  This is my passion, always exciting, and my means of sharing my world to everyone around me.  What do I love most about being a photographer?”  He pauses and smiles.  “Starting my day and not knowing where my camera will take me.”