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Models and Lighting Contest

Studio Time Photography & Rental and Jerome Hamilton are pleased to host a print contest focused on the PSA conference workshop "Models and Lighting."  The most talented, photogenic, and versatile models available for the 2005 PSA conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will be provided.  The models gain valuable modeling experience during the weekend, and it is also a great opportunity for them to receive prints for their portfolios from numerous photographers.

The purpose of the competition is two-fold.  The first is to reward and give recognition to the photographers who send in prints.  The second is to generate prints for the models.  Studio Time Photography & Rental and Jerome Hamilton hope that this competition will add to the fun of the weekend.


  1. Eligibility:  Open to all registered 2005 PSA International Conference of Photography participants.  Workshop committee members are not eligible.

  2. Prints:  Prints must be of the 2005 Conference Salt Lake City sponsored models photographed at the "Models and Lighting" workshop.  Both black and white and color prints are acceptable.  ENTRIES MUST BE 8"X10" UNMOUNTED PRINTS.  Prints may be made by a commercial lab or by the photographer.  Put your name and address on the back of all prints.  Prints will NOT be returned to the photographer; they will be given to the models.  Entries must meet all requirements or will be ineligible.  There is no limit to the number of prints entered, so send in those prints!

  3. Deadline:  All entries must be received by December 1, 2005.  Studio Time Photography & Rental and Jerome Hamilton will not be liable for late, lost, or misdirected entries.

  4. Judges:  Judges will be selected from PSA members in the Las Vegas, NV area and will judge according to PSA standards.  However, this is NOT a PSA competition, and placement is not counted as acceptance towards PSA medals or star ratings.  Judging will be done the first week in December 2005.  Winners will be announced on the Studio Time Photography & Rental web site.

  5. Prizes:  1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place winners will receive cash and/or prizes.  Honorable Mention prints will receive special recognition.  A bonus cash prize of $50.00 will be given to the photographer who enters the most prints!

  6. Publication:  All prize-winning and Honorable Mention prints, as well as some non-winning prints, will be published on the Studio Time Photography & Rental web site.  PERMISSION TO PUBLISH ON THE WEB SITE IS ASSUMED WITH YOUR ENTRY.  Copyright and photographer's name will accompany each photo.  If you do not want your print(s) published on the web site, you must include a signed statement with your entries denying permission.

  7. Studio Time Photography & Rental and Jerome Hamilton reserve the right to change, modify, or nullify any and/or all of the rules without notice at any time.

  8. Enter:  Send prints with your name and address to:

Models and Lighting Contest
c/o Jerome Hamilton
PO Box 95231
Las Vegas NV 89193-5231

Questions?  E-mail Jerome Hamilton or call 702-682-9514.

Good luck!

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